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2:13pm 03-29-2016
Sagamosa (advanced Levels) download link:
2:58pm 12-09-2015
Best mod ever!!! Thank you!
5:42pm 09-25-2014
The download link is dead mate, would you so kind and reload it?
12:00pm 02-22-2014
8:54pm 01-27-2014
Are you alive, brother? If you don't have time to finish your _awesome_ scripts, maybe it's time to pass them onto someone else?
2:11am 12-28-2013
Advanced Levels: Once click into the Advanced Level page, it can't get back. The √ button does't work.
5:07pm 06-03-2013
Ankara Nakliyat
ankara nakliyat
11:07pm 04-22-2013
11:02pm 04-22-2013
çok ğüzel yorum.
4:18pm 03-12-2013
When Cleric learns first advanced skill (impatience) and fights a monster, monsters are trying to wait, though they can't and thus they infinitely do this, and message "You can't wait, you are impatient!" appears. How can i handle with this bug?
3:59pm 03-10-2013
cant download, file not found
1:34pm 02-09-2013
Awesome mod!
Please, upgrade this for HotA mod, which add new Pirate town!
10:42pm 02-02-2013
Great mod - the parts of it that actually functions properly " ... but maybe I'm having some no-go wog options that screw with the advanced levels?

For me only half of the advanced levels skills are stable (not prone to chrashing and working properly). I use ERA II.. might that be a part of the problem? - I haven't had problems with other mods though.

I really want this to work as it totally change the focus of the game and makes it even more fun to play with friends " - a much grander experience!
8:01pm 01-06-2013
Great mod! has some bugs but there are always workarounds. I play it alongside mod for XXL maps and new terain/portraits/commanders mods. If you are interested in detailed bug reports feel free to let us know bugs that I found so far: ghosts appearing, soothe skill, king skill etc.
3:10pm 10-18-2012
Is this still being worked on?
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